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Do you want to grow your business and build an online presence using Facebook? In this post, we will talk about Facebook pixel and Facebook advertising.

Social media marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. The reason is the massive audience. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a massive audience base. This is why brands and businesses nowadays are leveraging different social media platforms for marketing & advertising.

Among different social media networks, Facebook is the one with the highest number of users. With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network around the world. No matter what business niche you are into, this social network has all types of audiences. To let companies manage their digital presence on the platform, the company has a separate tool called Business Manager. This tool allows us to manage the Facebook page, ad accounts, etc.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising or Facebook ads is a great way to increase online business presence. When it comes to social media marketing, there are two main ways – build an organic audience or run paid ad campaigns. Running paid ad campaigns on Facebook can be effective when you don’t have time to build an organic audience.

The Facebook advertisement provides you instant traffic to your website or the landing page. The good thing about Facebook advertising is cost-effectiveness. To target the right audience through FB advertisement, you are not required to spend a lot of money. Depending on your business type and marketing budget, it’s up to you how much you want to spend.

Another good thing about Facebook advertising is targeting options. Using various targeting options, you can show your ads to the right audience. The platform allows targeting based on age, gender, geographic location, interests, behaviors, etc. For example, if you want to promote your real estate business in your local area, Facebook ads will provide you the option to choose the right audience. Apart from interests, behaviors, location, gender, etc., you can target your custom audience as well. Facebook Pixel is used for that. Let’s understand what Facebook Pixel is?

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that collects data that helps marketers to track conversions from Facebook ads. In a nutshell, this tool is used for measuring the effectiveness of the Facebook advertisement. It is a few lines of code. To get started with the Facebook pixel, you need to copy the code from the platform and paste it into your website’s header section.

After pasting the code, it will start collecting data of new website visitors. This will provide detailed insights of the people who visited your website. When a user visits your website but leaves without taking action, you can use the data for remarketing/retargeting purposes. Now you know what Facebook pixel is, let’s talk about some benefits of this tool.

How to Create A Facebook Pixel?

You might be unaware of the process of setting up the Facebook pixel. Well, here’s how to create it:

  • Go to Events Manager and click on + Connect data sources and select Web
  • Select Facebook pixel and click Connect
  • Then add your pixel name
  • Click ‘Install Pixel Now.’ After clicking on that, you will be provided the code
  • Copy the base code of the Pixel and paste it between the tags on each web page. Or, you can add it into your website template to install the Facebook pixel on your entire website
  • If you want to track actions on specific web pages, you can add ‘events’ to those specific pages. This will allow you to track different actions on the web pages you have entered the code.

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel provides crucial data that can be used for improving the effectiveness of an ad campaign. The Facebook pixel ensures that ads are seen by the users that are more likely to make purchasing or your desired actions. Here are the advantages of the Facebook pixel:

Facebook remarketing

One of the significant advantages of the Facebook pixel is helping with remarketing. Remarketing or retargeting is an essential part of any ad campaign. When users see the ad for the first time, they are less likely to take any action. Through remarketing, you show your ads multiple times to the same users. This increases the chances your users will take the desired action from your ad.

Use Facebook conversion tracking

Do you want to understand the behaviors of your audience when they are on your website? Setting up a Facebook pixel can help you with that. After pasting the code on the header section of your website, you will start collecting data. Using Facebook conversion tracking, you can see how people interact with your website after seeing your ad.

Create lookalike audiences

Do you know you can even create lookalike audiences using the data collected from Facebook pixel? Creating a lookalike audience is a great way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your product/service. It will allow you to build a lookalike audience of people who have similar likes, interests, and demographics to people who already interacted with your website. This will solve your problem of finding a target audience to whom you can sell your product/service.

Optimize ads for value

With Facebook pixel, you would be able to find out how much money is spent by what users. Hence, it can be a good idea to optimize the audience based on value. By optimizing your Facebook ads for value, the ads will be shown only to those users who are more likely to make high-value purchases.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to marketing and advertising for your business, Facebook is the best social media platform on the web. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, this platform is perfect for all types of businesses. Facebook provides various tools and options for managing marketing & advertisement tasks. Pixel is one such tool. It can help you with remarketing, conversion tracking, creating lookalike audiences, and more.

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