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Are you a business owner that needs a business website that doesn’t break the bank? Choose Power Moves’ website design services and get a business starter site! We serve businesses in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater—or anywhere! 

We will Build & Manage your mobile-friendly business website for as low as $1/day + $199 Setup!

Some businesses don’t want to spend thousands of dollars right off the bat for a mobile-friendly website especially if you just need something that is fast and affordable.  We will create and manage your template-based business website so customers can learn more about your business and buy your products/services!  

We will build your FREE business website in 24-48 hours.  You just cover the maintenance and support cost!  

The template-based business website will be developed to give you an eye-catching and professional online presence.  We will deep dive into the website and features that you like during our onboarding session.  This will ensure your website will look professional. As part of our website design services, our St. Petersburg team also offers custom-based websites that you can check out now or upgrade to in the future if you need custom features, portals, content management systems, layouts, and/or special side effects! Click here to find out more!

Keeping your costs low

To keep initial costs low we will build and manage your website with our Business Starter Package, where you will lease/rent the website from us.  There is no long-term commitment required so you can cancel at any time. As your company grows, you can upgrade to a customized website which you will fully own. 

The best part about the Business Starter Package is that we give you 100% credit of the money spent during your first 3 months of service which can be used as credit for a future customized website.  Whether it’s 3 months or 6 years down the road – you will receive 100% credit for your first 3 months!  Below is a brief description of the main features that we will develop.  This is a perfect way to get your business up and running ASAP!


What are the benefits?

All of the money that you spend on your first 3 months can be used as 100% Credit towards a custom-built website at any time!

Here's what you get

What's included?

Our St. Petersburg team is transparent about our website design services and what your website will need upfront.  All of these features and services are included within your business starter package so there are no surprises or hidden fees!

$1/day Add-Ons


Our Work Flow


Pay $199 down

Complete the downpayment to get started.


Client Onboarding

Gather all the project requirements and resources.



Developers will complete the website in 24-48 hours.


Testing and Review

User Acceptance Testing – You can review and request website modifications.



Client Approval – Once you are 100% satisfied.


Finalize Payment

Pay First + Last month (everything else is month to month – Cancel at anytime)


Going Live

We make your website live!


Website Examples for your starter business

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