What Are The Benefits of TikTok Advertising in 2021?


Do you want to grow the online presence of your business? If yes, this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of TikTok advertising.

With time, the number of internet users has increased. There are different types of digital marketing methods. Social media is the crucial one. Various social media platforms have a massive audience base. Popular social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Depending on your business type and the type of audience you want to target, the ideal social media channel will differ. Tiktok is the fastest growing social media platform. The thing that sets this platform apart from other social media networks is its engaging content. The short videos on TikTok are really fun and engaging.

Like any other social media channel, TikTok also allows running paid advertisements. With the increase in competition on the platform, it can be challenging to stand apart from competitors in a short time period. If you can’t wait for organic reach, it can be a good idea to run paid ads. Before talking about the benefits of TikTok advertising, let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • TikTok is the sixth-largest social network (with 500 million monthly active users)
  • Brazil is TikTok’s third and fastest-growing marketing, with 8.6% of downloads
  • The platform has 30 million monthly active users in the United States
  • Close to half of all users are between 18 to 24 years old
  • TikTok users spend an average of 46 minutes a day on the app

From the above stats, one thing is clear that leveraging this social network can create a significant impact on your digital marketing strategy.

TikTok: Organic vs Paid Marketing

No matter what social media platform you select, you will have two marketing options – organic and paid. Organic and paid both marketing strategies to have their own pros and cons. Some businesses focus on organic strategy, some focus on paid advertising, while some focus on both.

It’s mainly about your marketing budget. If you are tight on budget, it is good to develop an organic marketing strategy for your TikTok handle. On the flip side, if you want to drive results faster, you can run paid ads on this social network.

Types of Ads

Depending on the social media platform you choose, the type of adverts will differ. Each social media platform has its own well-performing advert, which generates the best results and conversions. When thinking about running ads on this platform, you need to learn about different types of supported adverts:

  • Brand takeover: As soon as the user opens Tiktok, a full-screen video ad appears. This is what brand takeover ads are about. With this ad format, you can link your website or landing page.
  • Native ads: Native ads play between user content. The native ad video length is between 9 and 15 seconds.
  • Hashtag challenge: Hashtag challenges on TikTok usually last six days. This can be an excellent strategy to encourage users to share your branded content.
  • Branded lenses: Under this TikTok advert type, you are required to design a filter related to your business. As more users will use the filter, the better brand awareness your business will get.

Benefits of TikTok Advertising

Here are the benefits of TikTok advertising:

1. Huge audience base

One of the main advantages of TikTok marketing is you will have a huge audience base to target. This social media platform has gained so much popularity in a very short span of time. According to reports, TikTok has about 500 million monthly active users. Depending on your marketing budget and ideal audience, you can choose the right type of audience. A massive target audience will allow you to target more people and get the best out of your advertising campaign.

2. Great user engagement

Social media platforms are all about engagement. People use different social media networks for fun & entertainment and not to purchase anything. Tiktok is the social media network with the highest user engagement. The reason is its content format. This platform is all about short and fun videos. This type of content keeps the users hooked with the content and provides the best engagement. Excellent user engagement with this content format also means you can use this content format for advertising. Hence, by running paid TikTok ads, you can expect great engagement from your audience.

Even though you do not want to run ads on the platform, you can still expect better engagement. TikTok’s unique delivery algorithms have made it easier for users to get higher engagement on videos with less effort.

3. Local creators

Depending on the business niche you are into, you can leverage local creators on the platform to enhance your TikTok advertisement results. The platform has many popular creators coming from small cities and has 10k or more followers. These kinds of creators can be considered micro-influencers. Leveraging micro-influencers on TikTok can also be a great way to advertise. Let’s say, if you want to run a marketing campaign in a particular region or city, local creators will play a significant role.

4. Early advantage of TikTok Ads

TikTok recently launched its own advertising platform called ‘TikTok Ads.’ Like all the other social media networks, the company has built this platform to let marketers and businesses run ads. TikTok Ads is quite new, so it has relatively less competition and less number of brands using it. This can be an excellent opportunity for your business to get increased reach and engagement on the platform at less cost. Before your competitors start using this social network, you should use TikTok ads the best and effective way.

5. Ads play automatically

TikTok content format is all about short videos. The ads on TikTok play automatically to ensure a better user experience. As TikTok ads play automatically and users are spending more time on the platform, you can expect guaranteed exposure from ads.

Getting better organic reach can take some time. Using ads can provide you instant reach to your ideal audience. Here we have different adverts, organic vs paid TikTok marketing, and benefits of TikTok advertising.

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