Benefits of Customized Websites


The website is the first step in building an online presence. Whether your purpose is to grow your business or build your personal brand, having a website is significant.

With the increase in internet presence, it has become essential to have a website. Over time, the number of digital users has increased significantly, and it is still on the rise. Having a website allows you to build an online audience and also grow the brand exposure.

Talking about the recent data (July 2020), the total number of active internet users is 4.57 billion. Unique mobile internet users are 4.17 billion. The total number of active social media users are 3.96 billion, And, the total number of active mobile social media users are 3.91 billion.

From the above-given data, one thing is clear that the big chunk of internet users use mobile. If you are planning to build a business website, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and looks good on mobile devices. Here are some reasons why your business needs a website:

  • To build an online presence
  • Build brand and credibility
  • Offers social proof
  • Maximize ROI
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Showcase your offers

The mistake many people often make with their websites is they create websites mainly for the desktop version. As mobile users are on the rise, not having a mobile-friendly website means you will be missing out on a big chunk of business.

When it comes to creating a new website, there are so many platforms available. It includes WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. These are the website creation platforms that make the process a bit easy.

Talking about platforms like WordPress, they are quite more customizable. WordPress is simple and the most popular way of creating your own website or blog. The good thing about this open-source platform is you don’t require programming knowledge.

However, you can’t create a fully customizable website through any platform. If you don’t have any coding or programming knowledge/experience, you can consider hiring an expert.

What is a customized website?

A customized website means a website built with unique design and features. In a nutshell, customized websites are the ones that are not built with the help of premade templates.

If you have enough budget for website building and you are very much concerned about the design, layout, and overall appearance of your website, you need a customized website. This type of website will not enhance the designing part; it will also help in terms of security and SEO.

To give a better idea about why your business needs a website, here we have discussed some benefits of customized websites:

Benefits of Customized Websites

These are the benefits of having a customizable site:

Make a professional website

As we know, having a website is the first and crucial step in creating an online business presence. Also, you don’t need to create the website just for the sake. The business website needs to be professional and relevant to the business niche. Making an appealing website is the only way to keep your audience engaged with it and make them revisit. 

Through website building platforms, it is not possible to fully customize the website. To make a professional-looking website, the website must be easy to customize. Once you figure out the difference between the standard and custom website, you will get an idea about the professionalism of a custom website.


Your website loading speed directly affects the user experience. You may have a professional-looking and appealing website, but if it has poor loading speed, you won’t be able to deliver the quality user experience.

Do you know, site loading speed is one of the crucial ranking factors of Google? If your website does not load within a few seconds, the visitors are likely to bounce back and switch to your competition. A customized website will load faster and ultimately help to improve your search engine rankings.


Is your website secured? With the increase in website hacking, security should be the biggest concern for you. Another benefit of building a customized website is better security. A good developer will build your website from scratch using SSL.

Stand out from competitors

When you use a template for your website, your website will look the same as the rest of your competitors. Almost all businesses are using pre-made templates on their websites, including your competitors. If you don’t want to be like the rest of your competitors, consider creating a customized website. Your website you will build will be different from other businesses.

Flexibility to make changes

One of the best things about creating a customized website is it gives total flexibility. No matter what changes you want to make on your website, you will be free. On the flip side, when you use a premade template on your website, you will face difficulty making changes. You will be limited to features and functionality supported by the template.

Talking about website creation platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Blogger, you do have options for making changes, but not much. They do not provide total flexibility and customizing options.

Better search engine rankings

Building a customized website can help you maximize your SEO efforts. If you don’t know what SEO is, it is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. If your website is not SEO focused, you will have difficulty driving organic traffic.

Through a free website, you may not be able to boost SEO. In a custom website, the developer focuses on little details. The focus on small details can be really helpful in SEO. The developer will build the custom website from scratch, with the consideration of its SEO.

Final Thoughts

Although using a standard template for website creation can be a faster and easier process, but it can’t provide you the benefits a customized website can provide. The custom website design will showcase the uniqueness of your business.

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