Website Development in Clearwater

Web development is a wide phrase that encompasses several aspects of creating websites for public or private usage. Creating online content, client/server scripting, and establishing network security are all components of the website development process. This wide word encompasses everything a web developer does to construct and maintain a web site’s speed, functionality, and user experience.

Power Moves Digital Marketing has assisted leading businesses, corporations and non-porifts in developing successful and engaging online solutions. We can help you create a labor-management portal with all the necessary functionality, a lightning-fast progressive web app, or even an augmented reality-compatible e-commerce website. You may anticipate lucid outcomes and a straightforward site-building process when utilizing our web creation services.

What is the importance of website development?

Web development consists of building your website. In addition to web design, this includes programming, content generation, and database administration. You should also hire a top web design company and a user interface design expert. You must have an eye-catching website in order to have a successful online presence for your company. There are several ways to nurture the bottom-of-funnel prospects on your website. Anyone can visit the business’s website at any time or night.

It helps businesses expand their market reach by attracting prospective consumers or leads. People will be able to see what others have written about your product or service if you create a website. This information aid in gaining the confidence and trust of prospective clients. Consider your website an extension of your customer care department. Visitors will feel more at ease on your website if it is bright, current, and user-friendly. A well-designed website benefits your business and your consumers in several additional ways.


At Power Moves Digital Marketing, our web designers and developers assist clients in developing and designing high-quality online apps. We provides one-of-a-kind e-commerce and intranet experiences developed with the most advanced and dependable web technologies, in addition to mobile web development and responsive designs.

Our procedure is straightforward, efficient, and ensures that your online solution is provided on time. We can assist you in ensuring that your online solution remains operational once it has been created.


Our monthly SEO service guarantee covers all areas of search engine growth.

Service guarantee does not apply under the following circumstances:

1. SEO work is removed from the website and/or modified without approval.

2. Website SEO issues that negatively impact SEO are not resolved, including excessive duplicate content or high volumes of low-quality inbound links. A game plan to remedy any website issues identified will be provided to the Client.

3. Website hosting issues including excessively slow web page load times, excessive downtime (website cannot be accessed) or a website that has been hacked or compromised and is penalized by Google or Bing.