SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Sarasota

Since most people search online for products or services, digital marketing is now a requirement for all businesses. More than 55% of companies, including many in Sarasota, use SEO services (search engine optimization) to improve their ranking position in Google results.. 

Power Moves Digital Marketing is your local search engine optimization company in Sarasota. We have proven methods to improve  your organization’s online visibility, leading to more brand recognition, organic traffic, and business.

Benefits of SEO:

Offers clients a reliable internet experience:
Even if you have the best product, service, or solution, attracting visitors to your website will be challenging, given the huge amount of competition online. This is true even in local markets like Sarasota, where our SEO services can give you a leg up over local competitors big and small.

To play by the rules of search engine optimization, you must prioritize your site’s health and keep it in good condition. Our expert team at Power Moves Digital Marketing will complete an SEO site audit and make recommendations during your campaign to improve performance.

Increase brand awareness:
Your Sarasota business needs our SEO services to improve its position in the search engine results. The higher your site appears, the more users will see your brand and visit your site. 

Foundation for Paid Advertising:
Google has begun and will continue incorporating user experience as a ranking factor. This is due to the introduction of new Core Web Vitals and the continued incorporation of old variables, such as page speed. Having these elements addressed and your site prepped for SEO means it will also be primed for success in paid advertising. Strong SEO performance means your site is far more likely to get better conversion rates from paid advertising services.


The primary objective of our SEO services is to grow your overall online presence by increasing organic (search) traffic through search engine rankings, backlink-building, and other efforts. At Power Moves Digital Marketing, we have a proven track record of client success and an industry-leading SEO guarantee.

If you are having trouble getting traffic to your website, then make sure to contact Power Moves Digital Marketing. Our local search engine optimization company has helped Sarasota businesses grow their online presence and improve their bottom line. Get in touch to see how we can help you today!


Our monthly SEO service guarantee covers all areas of search engine growth.

Service guarantee does not apply under the following circumstances:

1. SEO work is removed from the website and/or modified without approval.

2. Website SEO issues that negatively impact SEO are not resolved, including excessive duplicate content or high volumes of low-quality inbound links. A game plan to remedy any website issues identified will be provided to the Client.

3. Website hosting issues including excessively slow web page load times, excessive downtime (website cannot be accessed) or a website that has been hacked or compromised and is penalized by Google or Bing.